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Where to Buy a (Proper) Corset for Under $100

When it comes to corsetry, made-to-measure is often touted as the way to go.And it’s true that nothing off-the-rack can fit quite so perfectly as a piece that was custom-built for your body. But what if you’re a corsetry newbie? Or shopping for a special occasion? Or maybe just on a budget?

It’s natural not to want to spend hundreds, and the good news is, you don’t need to!A pre-made corset may not fit like a glove, but it can fitwell enough. Well enough for that Halloween or cos-play idea, you’ll likely only wear once. Well enough for those burlesque performances than last ten minutes each. Or hey, maybe just well enough to help you decide if wearing corsets is actually for you.

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However, not all off-the-rack corsets are made equal.There are enough low-priced,low-qualitycorsets around that it’s easy to be disappointed. You may think that if it has steel bones, it’s sure to do some serious cinching. But adequate boning is only one part of what makes a corset curvy. It’s entirely possible to end up with a metal-boned yet shapeless tube on your hands!

Unless you know what you’re looking for, you should avoid corset shopping on Amazon or eBay.Poor design and deceptive, Photoshop images abound. Instead, use the shopping guide below. I’ve listed nine brands making corsets thatactuallycreate an hourglass figure, all for under $100.

A couple of brief caveats.These designs are also all above around $50. That’s the minimum you should expect to pay for a corset that works. You’ll also find a far wider variety of underbust than overbusts within this price range. Simply put, they’re smaller and cost less to make. But an underbust orwaspie corsetcan fit better and be more comfortable to wear anyway!

I’ve owned a corset from here and can personally attest to their curve-creating capabilities. Based in Poland, they offer both simple black basics and lots of fancier, more colorful styles. Pictured is the most expensive corset on their site, and it’s still under $100!

Wedding Lingerie is so sure of its product quality; they offer a lifetime guarantee. Many of their underbust styles are below $100. They’ve also collaborated on a range called Black Iris with well-known bloggerLucy’s Corsetry. It’s manufactured by them but only available to buy through her. Oh, and they have a plus-size range offering up to 42” closed waists!

Here’s another brand I’ve bought from myself. I purchased the corset pictured, and it wassupercurvy! They only sell underbust corsets, but they all come in at well under $100.

This handmade brand has lots of excellent reviews. They only create basics, meaning simple silhouettes in black, white or beige. But you will find some unusual, front-lacing styles here.

Another Etsy seller, I’m told these are some of the best budget-friendly corsets around. The brand even says you can use them for waist-training. And alongside some plain designs, there are lots of fun colors such as this one!

All of this Polish brand’s corsets come in at under $100. This brand is of unusually high value considering you won’t find anything dull and boring. They’re all about beautiful fabrics and lashings of decorative detail.

If you are after something on the plainer side, however, Orchard Corset could be your jam. They’re also a great choice for larger plus sizes. They’re the brand with the most extensive size range on this list, up to a 46” closed waist.

Most of the prices from this US-based brand are higher than $100. However, this particular style (also in black) will set you back just $99. A budget-friendly introduction to a brand that boasts an average five-star rating over 1,000+ reviews.Anal Relaxants and Anal Easing

Another handmade, US-based brand to complete the list. Peaches and Screams can also be made in cotton or plain satin. They have a few more options within a $100 budget, all in black or white.

Have you purchased from any of these nine corset brands?Or perhaps you have another low-cost, high-quality brand to recommend? Let me know in the comments!



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